Seattle City Budget 2011/2012

Email City Council through their budget webpage or individual Councilmembers and let them know your thoughts on the Seattle Budget. Capital funding has been slashed in 2011-2012 budget and provides for only one athletic field upgrade project in that timeframe. Maintenance funding and staffing have also been drastically cut. See Current Issues for more info.


Seattle City Council emails:



Seattle Public Schools = Unfair adult athletic field fees!

Several years ago Seattle Public Schools unilaterally raised athletic field fees for adults (only) to $95/hour for their new synthetic fields. This rate is double the average field fee for the Seattle region!! There was NO public process prior to this change and past efforts to get SPS to reduce fees to something that most citizens can more easily afford has met deaf ears. Recent efforts with newer School Board members lends some hope to getting this fee reduced but you can imagine the challenge of getting Seattle Schools to reduce a revenue stream. We need for you to contribute your voice to this effort - or do you like paying the highest fees for public athletic fields in the region?!?!


Send an email to the Seattle Public Schools Superintendent and School Board letting them know how you feel - this means you soccer, ultimate, football, rugby, and lacrosse players.


Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson, Seattle Public Schools Superintendent

Don Kennedy, Chief Finance & Operations Officer

RETIRED >> Al Hairston, Athletics Office


Seattle Schools Board:

Peter Maier, District I

Sherry Carr, District II

Harium Martin-Morris, District III

Michael DeBell, District IV

Kay Smith-Blum, District V

Steve Sundquist, District VI

Betty Patu, District VII