SPR Considering Park Sites including Playfields for New Dog OLAs

Seattle Parks & Rec is beginning a new study this Spring 2023 for siting new dog offleash areas (OLAs) throughout Seattle parks. Park District funding is currently available for creating two new OLAs with a possible third in the mix. SPR developed the People, Dogs, and Parks Strategic Plan in 2017 that spelled out goals and criteria for future expansions of the system. Dog owners like to use the quote that there are more dogs (and cats) in Seattle than children for justifying expanding the OLAs. While there is definitely a need and benefit to creating more offleash areas, it should not come at the expense of precious playfield space, whether formal or informal. Sandel Park in Greenwood comes to mind right off (full list below). This is a small, generally unscheduled playfield space where my children played tee ball and little punk soccer when they were younger. I’ve also seen adult volleyball using this entire space during the summer for Architects/Engineers Volleyball League play. I’m sure there are countless other play activities conducted at this fairly rare playfield for this northern end of Seattle. We should not be taking these kinds of spaces away from youth and adults where we can engage in some fun and healthy, physical activity. Field users should pay attention to this OLA endeavor and be ready to provide feedback when SPR solicits public comments.




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