Bruce Harrell on Parks

Mayoral Candidate Bruce Harrell’s statement showing strong support for playfields:

Seattle’s parks and playfields shaped my life. Mentored and inspired by my coaches and teammates playing little league baseball, I went on to play football at Garfield and later at the UW. As a parent, mentor, and coach myself, I’ve spent countless hours at our city’s sports fields. I truly understand the importance of our city providing more athletic fields to support our children and adults. 

When elected, you can count on me to closely examine how we plan for more fields, improve and better maintain the fields we have now, and ensure that we efficiently schedule our fields so that they can serve the needs of all the people who enjoy active recreation in our city. I’ll bring strong relationships to improve coordination with the Seattle School District under the Joint Use Agreement, so more athletic fields are able to be used by more field users across our city.

Central to my plans to rethink and increase parks district funding are investments in neighborhoods traditionally underserved– by parks and open space, and opportunities for active recreation. We must improve and expand options for healthy outdoor activity for a growing city.

Seattle residents of all ages, regardless of zip code or economic status, deserve neighborhood sports fields that are safe, able to be used year round, and lighted where appropriate. Active recreation is good for our physical and mental health– and can inspire young people to achieve their dreams. As Mayor, you can count on me to ensure the Parks Department and my administration make active recreation and widespread access to athletic fields a top priority.

Leadership should not pit athletic field users against homeless campers: Demand solutions from leaders!

We know that homelessness is a very complicated issue that has divided Seattle citizens with many longing to see compassionate solutions implemented and less advantaged peoples’ lives improved. Unfortunately, it is apparent that our government has made little or very limited progress in solving the homelessness issue over the past 6 years of the “emergency”. When it comes to playfields, we simply want to have safe access to the places that are designed, constructed, and maintained for where youth and adults can engage in active recreation. Active recreation is a vital need for many Seattle citizens and is essential to a vibrant city like Seattle, especially as it strives to live up to its world class aspirations. We don’t want to have to be concerned with exposure to hypodermic needles, human waste, and other encampment trash. We don’t want our kids, coaches, or us to be at risk of dangerous confrontations with individuals in a drug- or alcohol-induced delirium or people having mental health problems. We do want our government to tackle the many problems head on; provide better mental health and addiction services; provide more affordable housing. But we want safe places to play and have fun; engage in positive, healthy activities; learn teamwork; and make friends. Only certain candidates are prioritizing that in their platforms.

Vote for Playfields in Seattle’s Nov 2 General Election

This is an important election year for Seattle with competitive races for Mayor and the two city-side City Council seats. We all know the extreme challenges we’ve had for the past almost two years with the Covid pandemic lumped on top of major homelessness, racial equity, and policing issues. When it comes to public spaces, we’ve seen homeless encampments take over many parks, green spaces, and playfields with little or no recourse from the City. The candidates offer stark differences when it comes to restoring safe public access to our public spaces. Candidates Bruce Harrell (Mayor), Sara Nelson (Council District 9), and Kenneth Wilson (Council District 8) have all stated that if elected they will immediately work to return public spaces, such as playfields and neighborhood parks, to public use and their intended purposes. Candidates Lorena Gonzalez (Mayor), Nikkita Oliver (Council District 9), and Teresa Mosqueda (Council District 8) have all stated that their priorities will focus on providing for the homeless that have taken over many of our public spaces and that Seattle citizens will have to sacrifice full public access until the homeless are adequately housed. If you’re voting for playfields, the choices are obvious.

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