Leadership should not pit athletic field users against homeless campers: Demand solutions from leaders!

We know that homelessness is a very complicated issue that has divided Seattle citizens with many longing to see compassionate solutions implemented and less advantaged peoples’ lives improved. Unfortunately, it is apparent that our government has made little or very limited progress in solving the homelessness issue over the past 6 years of the “emergency”. When it comes to playfields, we simply want to have safe access to the places that are designed, constructed, and maintained for where youth and adults can engage in active recreation. Active recreation is a vital need for many Seattle citizens and is essential to a vibrant city like Seattle, especially as it strives to live up to its world class aspirations. We don’t want to have to be concerned with exposure to hypodermic needles, human waste, and other encampment trash. We don’t want our kids, coaches, or us to be at risk of dangerous confrontations with individuals in a drug- or alcohol-induced delirium or people having mental health problems. We do want our government to tackle the many problems head on; provide better mental health and addiction services; provide more affordable housing. But we want safe places to play and have fun; engage in positive, healthy activities; learn teamwork; and make friends. Only certain candidates are prioritizing that in their platforms.

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